What people are saying about Dexeryl


I have been suffering considerably with Psoriasis. Only after one use, I can see an incredible improvement.
Shemi F. (NSW)

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"Thank you for this beautiful cream, absolutely nothing has come close to hydrating my skin as Dexeryl. I am 76, and I use it on arms, legs and face.  Delighted.  Please let me know where I am able to purchase."
Diana B. (NSW)

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"The cream is a nice texture and I don’t need much as a small amount covers the whole face. My skin feels soft and hydrated and I don’t feel that I need to moisturise again for the rest of the day.
My skin feels dry and tight after swimming and using the dry skin emollient cream is making a big difference. I would love to try some more products from this brand.
Caroline S. (QLD)

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"I have noticed my skin is much less dry and make up goes on easier when I put Dexeryl on first. I have already recommended it to my daughter."
Trudy F. (NSW)

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"I have been using Dexeryl for severe dry skin on my legs and arms. I was prescribed a wool alcohol cream but found this to be quite greasy and has not improved my condition. I then started using Dexeryl Cream and the results are fantastic, and the cream is not greasy. I am very impressed with the product."
Cherie H. (NSW)


"I use Dexeryl as I have very dry and sensitive skin. I am from Hong Kong and all the cream I used in Hong Kong is not good enough for the climate here."
Abby L. (NSW)

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"I was quite excited to try Dexeryl as all 5 people in my family have dry skins and it can get very dry, especially on the kids. So I immediately tried it on my hands and it I loved the texture, it went straight in. I have used it every day since and my hands are have become nice and soft. I LOVE THIS CREAM. I have also used it on my children's faces and hands and legs and they have no reaction to it (a lot of other creams they get red and itchy but not this one)."
Pia W. (NSW)

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"I was given a sample to try and immediately I felt in love with this product . I had super dry skin and have tried many many products and nothing works for me . I found Dexeryl very moisturising and my skin love it and keeps me moist all day with out the need to reapplied again . I would highly recommend it to my mum, husband and friends. Can’t wait for Dexeryl to be launched in Australia."
Julie Z. (NSW)

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"I'm aged 36 and my husband is 38. I've used the cream on the dry soles of my feet and my husband has been using it on his very dry palms. Both of us have noticed a visible improvement after only a couple of applications. Until recently we've been using coconut oil for dry skin and I thought nothing could beat it - but the Dexeryl result is superior. I would certainly recommend it to others."
Laura P. (NSW)

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"Reason for using Dexeryl : Dry elbows and knees.Improvement noticed after using for one week."
Jacquie A. (NSW)